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I set this site up back in 2004 when I first started in motorsport, a lot has changed since the first time I got in a race car at Silverstone as red letter day with my father.   The touch paper was lit and from then on I have been involved with cars and started to race them.

A hobby that has led to meeting some great friends and a lot of talented racers over the years.

My current weapon of choice is a MG ZS V6 which has to be one of the most understated cars on circuit, a powerful yet low reving V6 that has a superb chassis thanks to its Honda Integra DNA great platform sharing prior to BMW buying Rover.

We have worked on the car and developed it, I was proud to be the first to race one in the MG Car Club and I have worked hard to get more of these cars on track.

2013 was a great year as we managed to get 6 V6's out in the same race with 22 other cars fabulous racing!

You can read more regular updates on my race teams website http://www.vulcanracing.co.uk/ or by following me on

twitter @pburchill 

If you would like any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact me via the team website.


2014 - Cockshoot Cup 


Plans are underway for the winter rebuild to make the car nearer the minimum weight allowed in the series and to squeeze a couple more horses out of the engine.  Transmission solutions have rebuilt the box with a different final drive which should bring the 2 cars in front a little closer.

I can wait for the season to start again.

It will soon be the 4th year of my race team Vulcan Racing, and we are working hard to improve on 2013 results but also be able to offer parts for MG cars and Hondas from the team.  Vulcan Racing

2013 Cockshoot Cup 3rd in Class.

The car was face lifted for the start of the season and we continued the development from 2012 with the help of Vulcan mechanic Tony Stiles.   I entered the Cockshoot Cup with close racing in class C with 6 other ZS's and 3 ZR's and 3 TF190's.  For the first full season in the championship I was very pleased with 3rd place.

2012 Cockshoot Cup & Endurance racing

Due to damaging the car at Donington the season was cut short, I was suffering from a back injury from a RTA so spent most the season on the bench, but thanks to MG Car Club I was able to drive the safety car at events during the season. 

2011 - What a season 2nd in class in MGCC PBIC

Please come and join us at http://www.vulcanracing.co.uk/ our new race team

2010 MGCC Peter Best Insurance - 1st In class B

The team will be running 3 MGs in 2011, MGZS V6, MGZR 190 & MGF Cup Car arrive & drive

Full details on team website  VULCAN RACING


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