Burchill Racing

Follow the exploits of Peter Burchill UK Clubman Racer

2004 Season

First Season in the GTI 3 races completed Silverstone Mallory & Cadwell great to get my own car out there.  high sport Cadwell - Hardest circuit I have been on, brilliant race highly recommend. 

low spot Mallory - Being disqualified for ride height (change to lower profile tyres my own fault) however after the cheating at Cadwell in the front running cars and the msa decision not to disqualify them left a VERY BAD TASTE.  Race was great had a minor off well a trip across the grass and enjoyed the my first race here.  First Race Silverstone - First time out in car finished build the day before race practise in the wet race was damp fast circuit, car has lots of development to do as does the driver. I need to learn the circuits as a 15 minute practise & 15 minute race is not enough time.

2003 season

My first go at racing, MG Metro Cup I decided to buy a set up car and give it a try

The car as perchased from Mike Heath who had used in MGCC speed championships who bought the car from Jonathan Agar who raced it in the Metro series.  I decide after a few engine issues and the cost of a race spec engine that I could build a car for less.

The championship has allowed so many modifications to the class A  cars that a good engine will cost around 1700 - 2500 from mini speed etc, this is to rich for my pockets so time to find a GTI and get some cheap motorsport (its never cheap but you get the idea)

2002 Preparation

2002 = After refurbishing MG Maestro 1600 which was being used in hot hatch series and track days I had to make the decision on which championship to join the MGOC or the MGCC.

The car was road legal and I had a great deal of fun with her.  From following both clubs I dedided that the Drayton Manor Metro Cup looked to be the better championship for a novice.

A deal was done on a car exchange from the Maestro and MG Metro class A car.

To fund my racing aspirations I was always keeping my eyes open for cars to restore and use or sell on to fund the addiction.

Again the  early 2.0 Efi Mg Maestro cam as a car needing work, the engine was rebuild and new clutch and brakes and bearings fitted.

The car was used for sprinting after being racing in MGOC.