Burchill Racing

Follow the exploits of Peter Burchill UK Clubman Racer

Mallory Testing March 3rd 2005

7 sessions completed took 3.5 seconds of last years race times, all the winter work paid off.  If only we could run on MSA1b tyres then the turbos would be in trouble.

CSCC - Tin Tops Series

Mallory Park

1st 40 minute race, cracking fun 3rd in class beaten by 2 1.6 cars not bad for first enduro race



Bedford Autodrome - lotus on track

Open pit lane for 6 hours fun chasing Lotus Elise's, Exiges & MGF as day shared with MG on track

A few surpised faces as there 15-30K car was being pushed by my shopping trolley!!!  Good old Rovers alway under estimated.


CSC Tin Tops Mallory Park Race 2

2nd tin tops race, again at mallory good practise and cracking 40 minute race again finished 3rd in class but as they are both high spec 1.6's putting out a lot more power its not that bad?

MGCC Silverstone National - Pitstop Race

Great day friday in free session whatch racing drank beer on saturday and sunday race day damp, quailified midfield in pitstop all comers race.  Race was stopped due to very bad weather after 4 laps bit of a dissapointment



First time at brands interesting race managed to have a bit of a spin but finished 3rd in class again

Pictures taken from 2 page article in jan 2006 issue of track and race car magazine chasing Ians GTI no 9 and dodging a spinning saxo! Which sent us all over the place.

Paddock Hill bend once driven not forgotten!

(The red maestro with white bumper used to be mine currently owned by Mike Heath)

MGCC - Silverstone National

15 Sprint race with MG Drayton Manor Metro Cup, fitted a 1600 engine to see what it would go like.

Quailified mid field however due to wrong ecu injectors and engine wear was down on pawer in race.

Car will have original engine refitted and is up for sale as I have just purchased an ex works R6 Metro GTI rally car, which is nexts years project.