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25th October 2008 Castle Combe Charity Day

Castle Combe Super Car Saturday, was a great success the highlight of the day was Anthony Reid (BTCC fame) driving my car
for hot laps to raise money for the Stroke Association.

Thanks to Anthony for the feedback and guidance for the race car, and showing me how it should be done.......

I have a lot to learn.

Thanks to Anthony Reid for allowing us to use the pictures and upload the in car video (see video section)

A great day was had by all

2008 Season


Under the banner of Lunar Racing we will be entering 2 MGZS race cars in the MGCC Peter Best Insurance Challange.

Pre season test

              First run of the black car after assembly at Sir Harry Smith Community College.

              Good progress has been made on both cars.



              Test day at Bruntingthorpe


24th March Donington

We had 4 races with 2 cars and 3 drivers, a first real test for the Lunar Racing Team.  Thanks to the students from Sir Harry Smith Community College for there efforts and braving the elements on a cold Easter weekend.

Black car debut went well with plenty of work to do before Malllory

  Car 13 - BCV8 Race

      Car 41 Kevin Driving Cock Shoot Cup / Trophy Race

Car 41 Ewart Driving Peter Best race


Mallory Park 27th April

Great race qualified 18th finished 12th.  However the blue car suffered ecu gremlins in free practise and did not run.

Oulton 17th May

Great race in the rain started 14th due to spinning team mate after the first corner was down to 2nd from last.

The rain came down and the red mist went up, I finished 7th overall 3 tenths behind 6th place. 

I was made up as I also came 3rd in class and won my first trophy.

Thanks again to the students from Sir Harry Smith Community College


Silverstone National

British summer time in full swing, we arrive with a busy weekend.  Free practise on Friday with 4 seasons booked.

Peter Best Race, and 3 x 2 driver enduro races.


Best run for the black car this season we put ove 2 seconds on the blue car, however practise 3 saw me having a little

moment as taking bridge flat did not go to plan.  Luckily I clipped the wall on the rear corner damage was cosmetic and no suspension


However thanks to the help of students from Bedford for pulling th back of the car out on site Frdiay night let have 4 cracking races

with 3 guest drivers.

After the students had finished.  The car is booked into the college for a full overhaul at the end of

season, part of the NVQ 3 course is custom paint work so we may have flaming hot wheels next season

New panels have been sourced so the rear end we be fully rebuilt and the car seam welded.

At last ahead of Jonsey until the next corner!

By the 3rd enduro race we had got the hang of driver changes.

Team Photo, thanks to Alan at Toyo for the support and joining us at Silverstone.


Cadwell Park August

Cadwell park, what can you say........  Awesome circuit.   After a wet night setting up and morning practise was behind a pace car, so race 1 was in championship order.  Race 2 was based on results of race 1.  It was nice to be near the front of the grid for the start however by lap 2 the field had settled.  It took me a few laps to find my way and get used to the circuit.   Great reacing as ever, Kevin in the blue car got collected which was a shame as he was on a flyer.

Brands Hatch

PBIC Race at Brands, good clean racing.


Castle Combe

We had 2 races here, 1 round in the PBIC and 1 all comers event with some very fast cars.


Snetterton 4/5 October

The last meeting of the season, a double header and a 4 hour relay race we could not wait.  Friday evening on arrival

we were greated with a rolled ZR in the paddock, as the wet track had been taking its toll.

Saturday race PBIC was first rate, I managed to see Jonesey off and finish ahead even after a little nudge.

This left me 4th in class overall for my first full season which will do.

The weather was against us and the sunday was rained off so we will have to wait till next year.

Thanks for the support from the students, sponsers, ZS Central & MGCC for a great seasons racing.