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Follow the exploits of Peter Burchill UK Clubman Racer

Rounds 7 & 8 + 60 minute enduro race

Friday evening and the Vulcan team landed at Cadwell Park on of the best circuits in the UK.  The challenge that lay ahead was to secure as many points as possible so that we can secure 1st in class in the championship.  As we pulled into the paddock we were greeted with ACDC cover band entertaining over 2000 bikers on there annual event.  However by 1030pm the paddock was clearing and we could set up camp.

The team were joined by Sam Caterick & Sam Grogan two former Lunar students. The car preparation started on a sunny morning whilst Dan & Peter reported to race control as we were sharing the car in double header event.  The Clark of the course decided that we could both do 3 laps each in one 15 minute session.  So I would get an out lap a flying lap and in lap, driver change and 3-4 laps for Dan, the challenge was set.

Qualifying.  The collecting area gates opened first gear selected and go, go, go...... the plan was to stay ahead of the pack so to keep a clear track for my flying lap.  Cold tyres and brakes and Cadwell do make you smile out lap was a little slippery but it all went a little quickly but great fun.  I dived into the pits for driver change and Dans turn.  Dan pushed hard and was getting quicker lap on lap before the flag came out.  I qualified 11th and 2nd however due to double header rules as Dan was second driver his 2nd best time was used so he would start 4th.

 Race 7 – 11th on the grid the aim was to beat Pat Fenn 10th however we were retained in the holding area for over 30 minutes whilst the marshals tried to dress the oil dumped from park straight to mountain (thank you metro cup). 


On the warm up lap it was clear that it was going to be fun as the dust and oil was thick.  Along side Pat on the grid again for my last race this season 5 second board and lights go out and away, I had a flying start and managed to clear 1 places however Pats V8 had the legs on me and I had to tuck in behind.  As we reached park straight it looked like a blizzard as the cement dust was mad and made for an interesting run through to the Goose Neck.  Lap one was completed of the 25 minute race.  The aim was to maximise point today so finishing was at front of mind so I took a steady pace for the first 4 laps until I was comfortable with the oil on the track.  I had been having a tussle with David Smith in his ZS who had given chase but I was able to pull out a reasonable lead after I had gotten into my groove.  By the time the flag dropped I had gone form 11th to 5th and 2nd in class and taking over 4 seconds off my qualifying time.

Saturday evening the team spanner checked the car cleaned brakes and settled into a social evening with other racers and got to see some of the other races from the day.  Sunday morning and it was Dans turn for the hot seat in Race 8.  Dan started 4th and at the start had a good push, the V8’s being some 200+ kilos lighter with more power managed to get in front off the line.   Dan pushed hard and was running in P6 for the first 4-5 laps it was clear that the 2 cars in front were having there own battle which meant Dan could get a chance, however with a class C behind and in front Dan had his work cut out.   With the car in front defending to keep his competitor behind Dan at bay, meant that Dans charge was being hampered.  However following a cracking move Dan was able to pass Blaine at the Mountain and chase the pack in front taking a further 2 seconds form his lap times and some 38 seconds lead on Blaine.  Dan drove the car to his full ability and at the flag had done the team proud securing not only first in class, but 3rd overall.

So we have secured 2nd in class and 1st in class out for the 2 rounds this weekend, at time of writing we look like we are 1st in class for the championship however until this are published by the championship.


To finish our season in the MGCC we entered the 2 driver 60 minute endurance race after half an hours qualifying we started P6 from 24 runners and I was in the hot seat for the start.  We had worked out that the tank should do a hour as we burn approx 1ltr a minute  at race pace, our tyres and brakes had not let us down all season and a real test for the EBC blues which have lasted the full season.  I had a good start albeit delayed by a wheel spinning ZR.  The first lap was interesting with the amount of fuel being carried, especially with the car now being over 1300 kilos compared to some of the smaller cars weighing 800 kilos the joys of open races from different championships.  

However we stayed on the black stuff and push hard for 25 minutes until drive change handing over the car in 7th.  Dan again took up the challenges and roared out for the pits to attack the circuit for the last time this weekend.  As the fuel load dropped Dan was able to push harder setting quicker and quicker lap times soon Dan was under my 1.51 and pushed forward also moving up the grid, after 50 minutes Dan was on a charge and taking 4 seconds a lap out of the next car but with constant pace and balance Dan got his lap times down to 1.471 on season old tyres was a superb effort.  At the flag we finished 4th out of 24 racers. 


The team on the pit wall cheered as Dan ran the wall to celebrate.   We were made up with the finale of the weekend and proudly took 1st in class award.

So the season has drawn to a close for us and the work starts now for 2011, the MGZS is now to be repainted in new team colours and the build of the MGF will start after the Castle Combe Stroke Association Charity Day in September.

Thank you all for your support in 2010 and we will be talking to you shortly re our plans for 2011.


Round 6 Mallory Park

Well the sun was shining on the arrival to Mallory on Saturday afternoon, the team set up camp and were joined by Ollie Neaves, once we unloaded and set up base it was time for a track walk followed by steak supper thanks Eddie.

A few beers were consummed and plans were made for the race on Sunday, the paddock was full of Jags and it was a great chance to catch up with some old friends including Gail another ex Lunar driver.

Sunday morning time for a quick polish to the car spanner check and scruitineering all of which went well, we settled down to working out plan for the race as we need to maximise points today and at Cadwell to secure 2nd place in the championship as we will not be racing at Snetterton for the last two rounds as Dan Ludlow my team mate and co-driver will be driving the Honda works team car in the Britcar 24hr. Dan has a great relationship with the team and was pleased to be offered the seat again after his debut last year.

Qualifying time all 22 cars lined up for a 15 minute session around the cracking circuit, I decided to put some steady times in and for the first half stay in front of Pat Fenn's V8. I decided to let him pass for the later part of the session but stayed on his tail for the rest of the session and ran up his side at the Esses and the hairpin to make it clear that these would be the places of attack for the race. It was good to have a superbly set up car (thanks Eddie) to be able to stay with some of these V8's which have 50 bhp more and are a 100+ kilos ligther than my car.

I qualified 15th some tenths of a second quicker that Patt in his V8 with David Brooke V8 in front of me (David is 1st in class). The lights went out and the V6 roared almost as loudly as the V8's followed by lots of wheel spin (not my best start.)

However after both Pat and I got mugged by Jonseys BGT we settled into the race, the plan from qualifying was to pressure the V8s into errors and dive past. The first lap run through Gerrards was mad on the marbles back end loose but great fun. However one of the front runners Alan Brooke in his Metro VHPD had lost control on the exit and span into the tyre wall his car was totoled however Alan walked away unharmed. This always makes you think when racing. But after the yellow flags we charged to the hairpin getting air from the curbs through the esses great fun.

Bu the end of the lap we had moved forward and continued chasing the V8s, the laptime came down lap on lap and Pat lost control going into Gerrards carrying too much speed in and I dived through as per the plan and onward. As the laps went on I worked my way to 7th overall which I was very please with, my times had tumbled down to a personal best of 56.445 I was catching the pack of front 6 cars on my entry to the hairpin as they were exiting. If only it was a twenty minute race then they would have been mine.

Roll on Cadwell.

Round 5 Silverstone GP Circuit & Enduro Race

Well what a weekend, we arrived on Thursday night and set up the garage in preparation for the weekend.  Friday morning and brilliant sunshine, the car was prepared the new air filter systems was fitted.
Practise one
Went well with 3 laps completed before a quick tweak to  the dampers then a red flag,  we got back on track for
one flying lap 2.25.
Practise two
Went better as well managed a full session with a quick tweak to the dampers and Dan got the car into the 2.19s.
The team then had a chance to fully enjoy the MG Live event with Saturday being race free for us so some final preparation for Sunday.
Practise 1 - PBIC
We suffered from a electrical gremlin as we had no pulse on the injectors so the team set about isolating the problem which turned out to be a short on a sensor which tripped ECU.  However once found we had the car running.  This however meant we missed out allocated practise and had to start last on the grid (which is never a bad thing as I enjoy this)
Race - PBIC
Due to a bad crash and resulting fire the race was red flagged after the second corner, so we awaited the restart.  With 36 cars on the grid the run to the first corner was going to be good.   The ZS had a flying start in the first lap I went from 36th to 19th as everybody had cold tyres I took the view to push as hard as possible to have a chance later in the race.   I then spent the remainder of the shortened race chasing the front pack and had a good battle with a couple in which we exchanged places leaving me 17th at the flag just 0.643 sec behind 16th place car.  The team was very pleased with the result as I finished 17th over all from 36, and 8th from 16th in class.  So I have now 7 race laps at Silverstone under my belt and a best lap of 2.26.
Two Driver Enduro
Dan and I were really looking forward to this event the grid was set by the MGCC based on the cars times from the weekend.  Clearly we were going to face some stiff competition as we started 22nd out of 32 runners.   The car was ready and as we arrived to the holding area the skies above Silverstone decided to drop.   We are running full race tyres which are ok in damp conditions but not standing. However at least half the grid faced the same problem.  2 laps behind the safety car and then we formed up on the grid.  Go Go Go well scrabble scrabble scrabble would be more correct, lots of short shifting worked and we had a good start, however after maggots the track conditions to bridge made the car very hard work as I changed into 4 th on hanger straight you could see nothing but spray but all good fun.  We managed to hold station for the first part of the race trying to find a dryer line. However we had decided not to go to full wets as the rain eased after 10 minutes. Dan jumped into the car and pushed really hard on his out lap, with 10 minutes to go the conditions improved a dry line started to appear.  Thanks to Dan's valiant efforts and some 4 wheel drifting the car started to move forward.  As a result we managed to cross the line 13th out of 32 runners.  Dan's best lap was a 2.42 in very wet conditions.
So what a weekend, good to see a lot of visitors into our pit garage, some great racing and support from the team. We will be uploading in car video and photos on the team website shortly.

Oulton Park rounds 3 & 4

Well what can we say what a cracking days racing for the Vulcan team.  We arrived Friday evening.  The team were joined by Tony, Chris and Sam to assist for the weekends racing.  Tony (who spanners on MTEC Ferrari team and others)  Chris is ex Redbull  and Sam is one of the Lunar students that has worked on the car in the off season.

The car arrived fitted with new wheels and Silverstone tyres for this round and has been restictered.  The repair had been carried out to the rear from Brands.

A good social night was had by all with other racers in the paddock and relaxed atmosphere lead to a good nights sleep.

Saturday morning soon arrived the car was set up for qualifying, due to Dan and Peter sharing the car Peter was to quailfy out of session and therefore start last in race 4 and Dan to start race 11.

Dans qualifying went well the car performed really well and tyres worked with good grip in damp conditions.  P6 was the result to some cracking driving with a 209.47.

Race 4 - Peter lined up at the back of the grid of P23, the lights went out and he was away acouple of places from the start and as the laps went on Peter moved through the pack, with 4 cars in one lap being passed.  After a sterling drive Peter finished the race in P11 with a fastest lap of 208.73.  On returning to the pits Peter was greated by the team who were made up with the result as he finished 2nd in class.



Race 11 - Dan lined up P6 with the V8's ahead of him, Dave Brooke was set for a rematch from Brands and the tension was building.  The lights went out and they were away, 2.5 V6 vs 3.9 V8 the cars all got away cleanly and the battle ensued.   Dan managed to get past Dave but had him firmly fixed to his bumper for a lap.  Dan drove out of his skin and pushed the car harder than it has been pushed before.  he managed to pull out a small lead of a few car lengths chasing down the pack infront.   One of the V8's had a small off and Dan managed to get in front and have a buffer between him and Dave putting Dan in P2 for the final lap Dan was chasing down Ollie with a chain of V8's chasing.   2nd overall in the race 1st in class and fastest lap together with driver of the race what a result.

So what can we say, we love Oulton Park what a cracking weekend bring on Silverstone. See incar footage in video section.

Rounds 1 & 2 Brands Hatch

Cracking result for rounds 1 & 2 of PBIC, class pole and 2 fastest laps for Lunar's MGZS.

Dan Ludlow was at the wheel for the first 2 rounds, 2nd race 2 and within a nats wisker for race 1, but a ten second penalty for rolling at start meant no trophy race one.

Highlight drag racing a TVR engined MGB down the straight and it not pulling away. Low point said MGB removing rear bumper however cable ties do the job and a little bruised she was out for race 2.

Quickest Zed on the the day in PBIC should be a cracking season, bring on Oulton.

Thanks to staff and students form Lunar for there help and the body work team will have some work to in next few weeks.


We have entered Peter Best Insurance Championship for our 3rd season,  guested driver Dan Ludlow

has confirmed for 2010 season.   


MGCC dates are as follows:

  • Brands Hatch 10&11th April - PBIC double header on the sunday Ludlow to drive

  • Oulton Park 8th May PBIC - double header Burchill & Ludlow to drive

  • Silverstone 5&6th June PBIC - Burchill to drive *Relay races to be confirmed Ludlow & Lewis to guest drive

  • Cadwell 4&5th September PBIC - double header Burchill & Ludlow to drive

  • Snetterton 2&3rd October PBIC - double header Burchill & Ludlow to drive


Stable mates at Rockingham base pre season set up and upgrades begin.

Rolling road installed

We need your help - Sponsors Required

We intend on entering the car for the 3rd season into the MGCC PBIC championship and to build on 2009 result.