Burchill Racing

Follow the exploits of Peter Burchill UK Clubman Racer


Like many I grew up watching racing on the TV and as soon as budgets allowed started messing with cars, at first modifying my first car then restoring cars to fund the next project.

It is nearly 20 years ago, that as a member of Silverstone Car Club I took my dad on a driving experience of E types and Elise’s at Silverstone… what a day and what motivation to get on track…

Over the next 3 years my focus was on building track cars from form 80’s hot hatches and following more club racing.

And that set me on the path of club racing…

I have made some lifelong friends racing and in fact that lead me to start a race team with Tony Dan and Eddie after being friends for years on track and working on an Education in Motorsport project with GCSE students.

Vulcan Racing was born and has grown over the last ten years to becoming a business that also support fellow club motorsport fans with the supply of parts…. steaming form close bonds with select suppliers that I have used over the years…

What has not been forgotten is that motorsport should be fun…

In recent years I now run a championship in the MG Car Club and aim to make that one of the best club championships in the UK.

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