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How to spend £1200 Buy a car & Cage - Car 13 is born

My second Metro race car, but out with the MG metro and in with the Rover GTI

Take one stock Metro GTI (best to find one who has had a careful owner)

Best not to tell them what your are planning

They have to get lower, cage fitted interior stripped

About ready, donar car in background

Work So Far 2004 season

Head high port head, janspeed manifold, decat pipe, scorpion system, split suspension, solid subframe mounts, uprated bushes front & rear, roll bar drop links, braided hoses, disks & pads green stuff , wheel bearings, rear hubs, engine loom, wheel cylinders, coil, fse boost valve, thermostate, water pump, clutch, head gasket & timing belt.

The best bit about messing with Rovers is the parts, buying the car and all parts cost £1800 (excluding time & labour seat harness & transponder).  As plenty of used parts can be found see links page for detail of some good sites.


2005 update

After competing in my first few races in the GTI, it was clear that more work was required and hopefully now the regs have been changed and the 6 front running cars will no longer be cheating us novices may stand a chance (all front 6 cars in championship had engines sealed by MSA, and all had issues but due to the MSA scruitineer not being prepared to tell how they cheated he let them all off. THIS BEHAVIOUR IS DISCRACEFULL but what can you do apart from race in a differnt series!

Back to the car, we have now changed the rear subframe mounts and reworked the drop stops, changed suspenion height at rear, fitted roversport hydrogas units, carried out some additional welding and fitted mintex 1166 and uprated shoes and replumbed brake lines.

So the first test day is in March at Mallory with MGOC and hoefully she will go a little quicker.

I have also secured a new sponser Wood Furniture Systems my new employer have agreed to fund a couple of races, which helps. (if you need office furniture or design services drop me a line)

By now the expeniture on the car is near 3K but well worth it

November 2005 Update

Car 13 mk1 is sold she will be seen sprinting in the UK with her new owner, sorry to see her go but only so much room on the drive and the new project will keep me going


Thanks for help and support

I would like to thank Colin who has done all the work on the car for me and been patiant when I get it wrong or break something on the car, without whom it would still be on my drive on axle stands.