Burchill Racing

Follow the exploits of Peter Burchill UK Clubman Racer


After being offered this car as a project, the Renualt has been sold.

I have been working with Paul Kneeshaw and students from Sir Harry Smith Community College who with there Lunar Racing Team are using motorsport in education.  More details can be found on www.lunarracing.com

The build began with sourcing missing parts for the car as when purchased some panels and parts had been removed.

Work to do:

  • Suspension upgrade
  • Brake upgrades
  • Respray
  • Remove aircon
  • Move battery
  • Fit fire systems and kill switch
  • Book test session in Feb 2008


A few new panels fitted and wheels added, no damage to car just old panels refitted when she was

being stripped.  The Hunt for 180 parts begin.   However due to MGR demise body kit will have to be

bought used as X Part do not have stock.

We have decided black finish so the Xpower paintwork will be removed but this may return.


November update

Body works begins, now all parts have been sourced, the Students went to work on preparing the car for paint and welded in new sunroof plate.


Say good buy to the XPower paint work.

December Update

After hunting for parts and chatting to fellow MGR fans the Honda history of this car has made it a little easier to find bits, thanks to Jason Holmes the LMA champion who has the best secret stash of Roversport goodies we have now fitted Roversport rear suspension parts to the car (as used on the mighty Tomcat race cars, which are quicker than most touring cars, but BMW killed that Rover glory).


We also fitted braided brake lines, Hi Spec 4 pot callipers and 300mm discs, the rear has new callipers and discs the suspension has been replaced with new adjustable Gaz units.  The car has also had a more free flowing rear box fitted the steering lock removed.  Airbags removed and interior trim a more suitable steering wheel has been fitted.


The car has been painted the body kit is next to be painted and fitted the car will be back in early January 08 and then its time for starter switch cut off fire system and plastic windows.  That just leaves the seats and a few more suspension modifications and time for testing.



Due to class change we have reverted to standard brakes and msa1b tyres, the car is now fully assembled and ready for testing

in March 2008.

Toyo r888's fitted ready for testing

Team ready for testing